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Dedicated to Welfare: The Inspiring Journey of Sabri Helpage

Sabri Helpage, an NGO headquartered in Kolkata, exemplifies unwavering dedication to the welfare of our society’s most vulnerable. Their primary focus on elderly care demonstrates their commitment to providing support, compassion, and dignity to our seniors. In tandem, they champion mental health awareness, breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental well-being for countless individuals.

Sabri Helpage’s tireless efforts extend to the empowerment of children and women, ensuring their rights are upheld and their potential is unleashed. Moreover, their recognition of individuals and organizations nationwide with the prestigious SocioFare Awards reflects their passion for celebrating those who contribute to the betterment of society.

Sabri Helpage stands as a shining example of how an organization can make a profound impact and promote the welfare of all, embodying the spirit of service and support that our communities truly need.

Awards & Recognitions

4th October, 20XXChamakta Aina
11th August, 2013Sanmarg
28th January, 2020Narendra Modi Letter

Governing body

Aarti BR Singh

A Psychoanalyst, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Sabri Helpage, Aarti BR Singh, is a woman of many talents and moods. She is very rooted in values and hard work with commitment and persistence. She exudes loyalty as well as empathy. Critical thinking is one of her better traits, making her a fantastic person in problem-solving. She believes, conducting charity out of a sense of responsibility, should be the first condition of the human being. It should come naturally to us and never be treated as a duty.

Yash Guptaa

Yash is a resilient seeker, experienced in diversely exposed business development projects within the e-learning sector. A solid background in algorithm building, engineering science, and decision-making and 2 years of direct team-leading expertise in sales, growth, and recruitment across the most aggressive-nascent startup industries gives me the relevant skills to bring the best to the table.

Prerna Guptaa

Prerna’s philanthropic activities were not only limited to providing money to different charities but also assisting the impoverished in their education while she was in her early twenties. She is a commerce graduate, seeking knowledge in International Business schemes in her master’s with an emphasis on accounting who feels that financial freedom is essential.
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