Sabri Helpage

Why choose Sabri Helpage?

Becoming a Partner of Sabri Helpage means you’re choosing:
An NGO that allocates a Maximum of its resources to implement its projects directly on the ground, using qualified employees who work hand in hand with the people they are helping.
Quality projects, committed team with a decade of expertise, and action ground extended across the country.
Rigorous and transparent management. The organization’s accounts are audited regularly and each project produces its special report at fixed intervals. Each year, every single one of our missions is audited by our partners of that project and by our internal auditing department.

Please fill in the following details:

An online partnership application needs to be submitted by you. This will help us understand your organisation’s work, its current focus areas, and any management and/or operational challenges it faces. We would also like to know your motivation to partner with Sabri Helpage and why you would be a strong fit for our programme.

Our team schedules an introductory call to provide you with a deeper understanding of our organisation, programme offerings, and our approach towards the partnership. We also use this space to gain clarity on certain aspects of your application if needed.

After the introductory call, we plan for a virtual site visit. We use this opportunity to have a more personalised interaction with your team and stakeholders to understand your programme and services better. This helps us gauge the capacity at which our team can assist you. We also request you to share key documentation related to your organisation for review and to conduct due diligence.

A series of four-day workshops is hosted virtually by us and is completely free. We begin with a research exercise with your team to understand your organization’s goals, strengths, and challenges. Our team then works with you on prioritizing your goals for the next 5 years and build a consolidated Strategy Plan Document.

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