Sabri Helpage

1. Sabri Helpage obtains user information in a variety of methods, such as when the user: 

  • Donates Something 
  • Participates in a campaign 
  • Registering to get updates

2. In order to help us ensure that the donations to Sabri Helpage are legitimate, well-wishers are required to provide certain personal information.

  • Your Name 
  • Your postal address and email address
  • your contact number
  • Details of your payment processing
  • Any further information if needed

3. Unless the user decides to give it, Sabri Helpage does not gather or keep track of personal information about them.

When you submit a request, register for our information sheet, or express interest in becoming a donor, volunteer, Intern, employee, partner or self-nominee for The SocioFare Awards we collect personal information about you. Your name, address, email address, and phone number are among the information we collect. No business or organization outside of Sabri Helpage receives, shares, rents, or distributes this personal information.

Email Privacy:

Sabri Helpage adds people to its email database who sign up for its mailing lists through its website or through its campaign engagements. The addresses on our lists are never sold, rented, leased, borrowed, or traded by Sabri Helpage.

Cookie Information:
  1. When a user visits the website, Sabri Helpage sends small electronic data files called cookies. These will be stored on the user’s computer’s hard drive, allowing Smile Foundation to identify them the next time they visit the website. 
  2. The user has the ability to set up their browser to react to cookies in any way they see fit. You may choose to receive notifications when a cookie is transmitted, reject all cookies, or accept all cookies. Users can adjust cookie behaviour according to their own preferences by examining the settings of their browsers.
  3. A user may not be able to use Sabri Helpage’s website as intended if they block the usage of cookies on their web browser or delete or reject certain cookies from Sabri Helpage’s website or linked sites.
External Web Services
  1. Sabri Helpage displays content on its web pages by utilizing a number of external online services. For instance, YouTube is used to display videos. Similar to the social networking buttons, Sabri Helpage has no control over how these websites, or external domains, gather data about how users interact with the content that is integrated into its website.
  2. For the convenience of its users, the Sabri Helpage website includes links to other websites. These other websites are not covered by this privacy statement.
  3. Sabri Helpage disclaims all liability and express responsibility for any loss or harm that may result from the acquisition, use, and retention of personal information by such websites. Before providing any information to websites they visit, users should make sure they have read the privacy rules on each one.
Any modifications to the privacy policy:
  1. Sabri Helpage has the right to update its privacy statement in response to emerging trends and technologies. It will notify you of these changes in a timely manner. If consumers have any questions concerning any modifications made to Sabri Helpage’s procedures, they can contact the organization.
  2. Please contact us at if you have any questions concerning Sabri Helpage’s privacy statement.
Policy for Refunds and Cancellations:

Greetings from Sabri Helpage on this webpage. We have made the following information about our refund and cancellation policies for donations made to charitable causes available on the payment gateway:

  • Any donor who makes an online donation through an online payment gateway will not be eligible for a refund or to cancel their donation.
  • Cash or money refunds are not permitted.
  • The poorest of the impoverished communities will get any in-kind support from contributors, wherever they may be.
  • The donor will not receive a refund of their money once we receive it for a cause. There is nothing to be cancelled. The money will go towards elderly care, Mental health awareness, and children and women’s welfare.